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Our Core Values

Awaken Warriors created seven core values that are biblical principles that we believe will bring about a spiritual transformation.


The purpose of our lives goes beyond our own personal fulfillment.We must begin with God! We were created to have fellowship with God through a personal relationship with His Son; Jesus Christ. It’s only through this relationship that we find our purpose in life.


As we invite Jesus Christ into our lives, He sends His Indwelling Holy Spirit to live inside of us. Our power for living comes from the Holy Spirit as we allow Him to lead and guide us through life. This power is necessary to live out the Christian life.


Our position is ‘in Christ’! It’s imperative to know who we are in Christ. This is our new identity! Those who are in Christ are new creations and our past is gone. We are living and ministering from our position which is a place of victory!


Prayer is our communication with God. Communing with God builds an intimate relationship filled with faith and trust which brings about obedience. We have power and authority over the enemy through prayer.


Kingdom potential is God’s purpose and destiny He has planned for us. God sees us from our present to our potential. In order to reach our full potential, we must let go of our past, step onto our predestined path in the present, and trust God to carry us into the future.


Having an encounter with God brings you into His presence. As Spirit filled believers, we have an opportunity to come into God’s presence and worship and praise Him. There is healing and deliverance in the presence of God.


Presentation is presenting Jesus Christ to the world as we carry and release God’s Presence.This is demonstrating the gospel through power and love evangelism.

We believe that each one of these Seven kingdom Core values are important in the process of discipleship. Our desire is to make disciples and move them to multiply the kingdom of God.

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